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Children are happy when they are naturally physically active and we all know how much they love to move around. It’s a fact that we find ourselves surrounded by teeming limitations when we come to indulging our children in physical activities, the reasons being, increasing demands of school, lack of active role models, parents not feeling comfortable allowing children to roam around on their own and busy working schedules of parents. In spite of this, it would be great if we can fit in some physical activity into the daily routine of our children. Physically active children are more likely to be academically alert and motivated besides building self-esteem. It even guides children to have a better outlook towards life.

You can keep it simple while having fun – as simple as riding with friends, jumping ropes and playing hopscotch.

By the time they are two, toddlers should be able to walk and run well. By age 3, they can usually ride a tricycle, throw and kick a ball and even balance themselves on one foot. They need to be encouraged in age-appropriate activities. Balls, push and pull toys and riding vehicles help them fine tune their motor skills. Jump like a frog, walk like a penguin, glide like an eagle and other similar activities can be fun for the children. They also tend to enjoy dancing and tumbling at this age. Watching TV and using smartphones and tablets needs to be limited.

Pre-schoolers need to participate in challenging activities that help build skills and co-ordination. However, it is important to note that no matter what the sport of activity, fitness should be fun.

Children in this age group are learning to skip, hop and jump forward. They are eager to show off their newly acquired skills which maybe balancing on one foot, catching a ball, dancing or riding a cycle with training wheels.

We could encourage children to walk, play or simple run in the park …this should be fun for the entire family as well. Other games that are enjoyed by this age group include “duck, duck, goose, goose”, kicking a ball back and forth, playing “move and freeze”, “fire on the mountain” and obstacle courses.

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