Karate classes are held twice a week at Toddler Bay. All sessions are conducted by professionals who have years of fruitful experience training children in karate. Exams for the beginners level and advanced levels are held at our Centre. Belts and certificates will be awarded to the children at the end of the session. This is where the children assemble to get their kicks right ☺

Summer Programs

Toddler Bay has been conducting summer camps successfully during the months of April and May, since 2010. These fun-filled and educative summer programs are an enlightening experience for both the teachers and the children. Our summer sessions are a great opportunity for children to make new friends, learn new skills and to carry forward brighter memories of their summer holidays.


Abacus classes are held at Toddler Bay once a week, helping them to hone their mental math abilities. Certificates and books will be provided at the end of every level. The abacus sessions develops logical understanding and increases concentration and listening skills. It improves the ability to recall from memory and leads to better visualisation.